Bonds of Friendship

Tales of Ferrês Short Story #3

If you looked a creature in the eye believed to be a mindless beast that kills without thought, what do you do when you realize the truth is but a lie? Walk alongside Karigan as the Forest of Ferrês beacons her to a destiny she never wanted or expected. She knows now that the world is wrong, and the only way to change it is with Silvashi at her side.Journey to a time before an empire was born, when dragons were wild and were seen as monstrous killers. Witness the moment everything changed—when one girl created a bond of friendship that forever altered her world, bringing forth the dawning of a new era.


Bonds of Friendship is a Young Adult Fantasy Adventure Short Story featuring a young girl and a dragon. You can find this story as part of the Tales of Ferrês series. You are able to read this story in any order within the series since each story is a standalone.

Ebook: 99¢

Sneak Peek

What Readers are Saying!

“Do not fear, little lass, you are safe amongst the trees…”

“Who said that?” Karigan took a deep breath, trying her best to calm herself. Getting startled and tearing blindly through the Wood wouldn't help matters. She would end up getting lost. If I can get more lost than I already am, she thought. This place is so strange, it isn’t anything like the Wood by our home.

“You’re no longer in your Wood, but never fear. There are those who will guide you inside the twisting trees…”

“Okay, this is getting old fast!” Karigan glared into the darkness, wishing she could punch the female voice toying with her. “If I’m not in the Wood anymore, where the hell am I!?”

“The Forest of Ferrês, child,” the voice sang. “Follow the light—it will reveal your purpose here…”

"...I could easily read a full length novel about these characters. This girl and her dragon is so cute and endearing. It teaches you a lesson about human and animals. They have a terrific bond. Can't wait to read the sequels to this series. This author's does a fantastic job at making awesome short tales."

~ Jennifer Ann Schlag; Amazon Reviewer

"Not sure what I was expecting with this one at the start... But it wasn't at all what I would have thought if I did. This story is sweet, adorable and humorous. Quite simply I loved it!"

~ Len Evans Jr; Amazon Reviewer

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