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Gargoyle Sighted

The Vortex Series Book One

A world never seen is now unleashed.


Cassie Armel has been plagued by visions of innocent people she is meant to protect. As a cop on the street, she does everything in her power to save them. But when her new partner Max’s life is on the line, she finds herself in a world where werewolves, witches, and a formidable group of warlocks called The Triad exist.


In an unfamiliar world where magic controls the land, Cassie discovers her new partner is more than he seems. As her own magic awakens and she discovers her powers, she has to figure out which side she will stand on when her partner needs saving again. Will her choice set her free or condemn her amongst those that didn’t know she existed?


The journey has only begun. Prepare yourself for a wild ride where one decision can alter the lives of many.

Paperback Direct $13.00

Paperback on Amazon $14.00

Sneak Peek

What Readers are Saying!

"This book was a blast to read, seriously. I loved it. There was action, mystery, comedy, it was great. Cassie and Max are awesome characters, and I cannot wait to see what becomes of them in future books. This was an excellent start to a series."

~ Shannon Williams; Amazon Reviewer

"Very unique story. I enjoyed it and will definitely read book 2. The author makes the characters come alive as the story moves forward at a good pace. Few errors makes it a nice flow to read."

~ April Stacey; Amazon Reviewer

"I am a lover of shifter books, and this was the first gargoyle book I have read. I couldn't put the book down I was so enthralled with it."

~ Gwenaaj; Amazon Reviewer

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