An Elf, a Dragon, and a God's Intervention

Tales of Ferrês Short Story #2

Blake and Meisha spent years hunting down jewels and treasures throughout the realms of Tarzinëa. Placing these treasures upon a mural that adorns Meisha's cave creating a masterpiece of magnificent art. Now on the verge of completing this quest they find themselves inside the Forest of Ferrês. What should seem like an easy task will end in disaster when a goddess intervenes with fate?

A choice made will change this dragon and her elven ryder's fate forever. How far can greed push you before you give up everything to save the one you love most?

An Elf, a Dragon, and a God's Intervention is a Young Adult Fantasy Adventure Short Story featured within the Tales of Ferrês series. Each story is a standalone tale and can be read in any order without confusion.

Ebook: 99¢

Sneak Peek

“Oh my lady! You’re the Fire Lord!”

Blake smiled, “I guess you heard of me.”

“Of course I have, the whole forest has been abuzz since last summer,” she barked with laughter. “The dwarves are still up in arms about what you did to their King’s beard.”

Great, of all the things to be known for, he scratched his head. Leave it to those dwarves to go overboard with their ranting.

“What am I known for among the forest?”

Blackmoon looked at him. “Who said that?”

Blake felt sorry for the little krye when Meisha came crashing down on the rock right above her head. Darkmoon screeched in terror when she realized there was a dragon over her. The high pitch made Blake’s ears ring. He wanted to scold Meisha when he saw Blackmoon’s body shaking like a fuzzy maraca. Blake put his arm around the krye to soothe her of the fear that touches all creatures when they are in the presence of the great dragons.

“Well, what am I known for? Do you think you can answer it fuzzball?”


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