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Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Kathryn Jenkins. I've been writing a little over five years now. I have mostly been writing through my pen name K.M. Jenkins. Currently I have a building supply of books and projects in the works. Please be advised that some content is for adults only. Please take notice of the disclaimers on the website. I hope you enjoy your journey through this site. As I have enjoyed my journey so far as an an author. 

If you are looking for YA for mature audience (15+) please check out International Bestselling Author K.M. Jenkins' page. 

If you are looking for adult content books featuring epic love and adventures please check out Rayna Star's page. She writes contemporary (multi-genres), Scifi, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance. Right now working on projects to add to this page. 

Overall, there is something for all ages. Please look around and enjoy. 

Dracos: Fantasy Dragon Tales

Who doesn’t love a dragon?

Join us on fantastical journeys of love and friendship.

Face your greatest nightmares and live your wildest dreams.

First loves and forbidden romances mean a path of trial and error for these creatures and those who love them.

Get ready to take to the air and ride along with this limited edition collection of YA reads and unleash the power of the dragon within!

Featuring Authors: Ashley Bríon, Cassie Greutman, Clarissa Gosling, Diana Dawn, Megan Grooms, Melinda R. Cordell, MK Mancos, September North, Skye Deva, Sofia Ann Hoffman, and International Bestselling Author K.M. Jenkins.

ebook book one 72.jpg

Gargoyle Sighted

A world never seen is now unleashed.

Cassie Armel has been plagued by visions of innocent people she is meant to protect. As a cop on the street, she does everything in her power to save them. But when her new partner Max’s life is on the line, she finds herself in a world where werewolves, witches, and a formidable group of warlocks called The Triad exist.

In an unfamiliar world where magic controls the land, Cassie discovers her new partner is more than he seems. As her own magic awakens and she discovers her powers, she has to figure out which side she will stand on when her partner needs saving again. Will her choice set her free or condemn her amongst those that didn’t know she existed?

The journey has only begun. Prepare yourself for a wild ride where one decision can alter the lives of many.

Mythical Creatures

Are you ready to deep dive into the world of mythical creatures?

Join 20 authors who have come together to create a collection of fantastical fantasy stories to enthrall and enchant you!

This collection has a story for everyone including, but not limited to romance, adventure, and even a fright or two.

So many creatures, but you are sure to see gargoyles and dragons, angels and demons, mermaids and selkies, fairies and unicorns--And So. Much. More!

You won't be able to stop reading! Join us on a magical, mythical adventure available for a limited time only.

Mythical Creatures is a Young Adult fantasy collection and may contain mature content such as violence, language, and mischievous behavior not suitable for younger teens. If you can drive a car, you are probably old enough to enjoy this book.

With so many stories to choose from, the challenge will be where to begin...


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