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Tales of Ferrês

Legendary Tales Book 1

Jump into this enthralling world of fantasy and adventure! Where dragons fly high, shifters fight, and fairies guide our heroes through the night.

Forest of Ferrês — A deadly land to those that don’t live within. Many have entered only to never be seen again. Fate pulls the rug out from underneath our heroes by throwing them into this deadly land where they find that destiny has a unique plan.

Will they survive? Or will the land claimed by the beasts change them forever?

If you enjoy the work of Mercedes Lackey, Christopher Paolini, Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis, you will enjoy the Tales of Ferrês and the many adventures within.

Sneak Peek

What Readers are Saying!

Story: Bonds of Betrayal

“Your majesty…there is more I need to report,” the lad stammered.

King Rodrik sat down in his chair which he gripped with white hands. Such heartbreak was reflected in his eyes that Shogun felt close to tears himself. Slowly, the king masked his pain with an expression of power. This was the king he loved—the man Karigan had married. Not because he was of noble birth, but because of the strength he carried deep within himself.

“What is it?”

The lad looked from the king to Shogun. There was fear in his eyes.

“The Queen was slain by Lieutenant Dengotta…”

“What!” the king yelled in fury as he jumped to his feet with rage. Anger at Dengotta’s betrayal wrapped like thorny vines around Shogun’s heart as the shock hit him. The idea that one of his own had destroyed the Queen was unbelievable.

“I want that traitor’s head on a pike. No one rests until he is brought before me,” the king commanded.

“We don’t know where he has gone, your majesty. We lost him on the battlefield amid the chaos.”

The king walked over to the lad and grabbed him by his collar. He lifted the poor guy off the floor, his eyes black with hate.

“Then no one in this kingdom will rest until we capture him. Do you understand me?”

"I really enjoyed this book. I loved the stories and found them well written. The characters throughout the stories are well developed. I love the book cover as well. A really great book that I recommend reading."

~ H. Bane; Amazon Reviewer

"What amazing tales! Loving Tales of Ferres! I enjoyed following Katie's characters through her imaginary world, and would love to read more stories like these!"

~ Paranormal Romance Novelist; Amazon Reviewer

"The author is one of those rare writers who really pulls you in with very short stories. Usually I enjoy full-length novels more, but none of these stories was a disappointment."

~ Jennifer Ann Schlag; Amazon Reviewer

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