The Assassin's Prophecy

Tales of Ferrês Short Story #4

Jeremy is a mercenary for the Assassin's Association. He has proven to himself and his superiors that he is worth keeping around. Now Jeremy faces the one mission that could break his career and ruin his father's name. Jeremy has to kill the elven king, but when emotions get involved everything backfires. A chance encounter with a mysterious elven maiden secures his escape from imprisonment and certain death. With her help, he finds solace among the trees only to realize he has become trapped inside the Forest of Ferrês. Trading one evil for another, Jeremy will face truths about himself he never knew. Can he deny the words of fate spoken from a Unicorn's mind? Join Jeremy in the fourth installment of the Tales of Ferrês to find out.

Ebook: 99¢

Sneak Peek

“I couldn’t stop him if I wanted to, son.” The dark blue eyes looked up at Elden. “You know when he makes his mind up no one can change it. What did you want me to do? Force him to stay by imprisoning him in his own home?”

Hmmm…wish my old man was that caring. All he ever wanted to do was break me. Look how that turned out. Irritation edged into his shoulders and stiffness crept into his body. Don’t let your feeling get involved, remember you’re here to kill him.

The young prince looked at the table. He tapped his fingers in a patterned motion.

“Your brother never forgave me for making him choose between his people and Mëira.”

Elden’s face shot up with fire blazing in his sky-blue eyes. “That is beside the point. Mëira is gone. He has a duty to his people; his feelings don’t matter.”


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