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The Seeker's Core

Half-Blood Academy Part One

- Children of Chaos Series -

In a universe governed by gods, darkness awakens and demigods are called.


Two journeys.

Two planets.

Lennox walks a path that separates her from her family. But allies along the way bring her to her destined fate.

Becca seeks to advance knowledge in the medical field. Fate has other plans in store when she stumbles upon long-forgotten ruins.

Two demigods walk different paths on separate planets. Will they find each other before it’s too late or will fate change their lives forever? The journey of a universe forever changed begins right here.

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Sneak Peek

What Readers are Saying!

“Are you two okay?”

Lennox didn’t recognize the male voice or see anyone. Then a white spinx stepped out from the shadows and slid up next to her mother. Aimee sighed and placed her hand on his head to scratch behind his ears. “We are okay now.” Lennox gaped at her mother. “What do you mean, we are okay? What is even going on?”

The sphinx looked at her with his cat-like face and peered into her eyes with his icy blue ones. “She doesn’t know the truth yet.” Aimee shook her head.

“No, it attacked us before I could tell her.” The sphinx's twin tails swayed in the wind, making Lennox disoriented for a second. A battle scream made her jump as the beast chasing them landed on the rocks beside them. Her mom grabbed her and they shimmied around their hiding place to avoid being seen. The spinx hissed and darted on top of the rock. The creature jumped up and charged back into the fight with the golden warrior. His sword swiped at its head and slashed into its hide. Lennox didn’t realize she was standing until her mom grabbed her and forced her to her knees. “What! I want to see.”

Aimee glared at her and shhhed her. “Stay down and remain quiet. You don’t want to draw its attention.” Lennox sighed. “Fine.” The spinx jumped down beside them. “We need to get you out of here. The söergan won’t give in until he has the girl.”

"...I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys the academy trope and are looking for a fun and light YA novel. I am excited to see where the author goes with this series."

~ Coffee and Wander Book Reviews; Amazon Reviewer

"It is an awesome book, and I cannot wait for the next book!"

~ Book Lady Teri; Amazon Reviewer

"Excellent faced-paced read. Love the world-building and characters. If you like academy stories, you will love this one!"

~ Cara North; Bookbub Reviewer & Author

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