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The Sunflower Meadow

Tales of Tarza Book 1
A Sunflower Shop Novella

Love at first sight. Fact or fairy tale?

My name is Prince Joseph and despite the fact I should probably keep it to myself, this is my love story.

It was a normal day. I decided to take a ride around the pasture with my brother when it happened. The most beautiful woman of my dreams stood in the center of my mother’s garden.

A branch came out of nowhere and knocked me off my saddle. Not even my princely status can save me from the embarrassment I feel. Did she even notice me? 

When our eyes lock, I knew then she was destined to be my Queen forever. All I have to do now is find the perfect spot to propose. Will there be love amongst the sunflowers or will duty deny us our happily ever after? 

Sneak Peek

What Readers are Saying!

Joey looked at the fiery angel and smiled. He didn’t realize how stupid he looked as he lost himself in her eyes. His voice wouldn’t work, and the need to say something overpowered him. But as his mouth opened to speak, girls surrounded them.

“Oh, by the gods! Prince Joseph, are you okay?” yelled three girls at once. He put his hands up to ward off the sudden attack of girls’ hands. His heart dropped when he realized his fiery angel had disappeared. I didn’t even get her name. Secretly, he vowed to himself he would find her again. And when that time came, he would say something to her.

Screeching filled his ears as the girls fought to get his attention. He stepped back, put his hands up higher, and smiled. “Ladies, I’m alright. Going to leave you now to your gathering.”

The Sunflower Meadow was a turn pager, and I couldn't put it down. I loved how likable the characters were. The maiden plays hard to get, good and evil characters, and a beautiful sunflower meadow. I couldn't put the book down and read it in one sitting.

~ Gwenaaj; Amazon Reviewer

The location comes alive. You can picture Prince Joseph minding his own business, the scent of the fresh green grass and flowers in the air, and boom, life is changed.
Being a fairytale you need certain elements, but don't worry they are all here. A LOT happens in 100 pages, try to read it in one sitting, like a great movie. This would be a great animated film, by the way. One more thing, I love how it isn't all about her, the princess-the will/would be Queen. It is told on equal footing from all views.

~ Natalie Freese; Amazon Reviewer

This is a very good fairytale. It has all the requisite characters prince, lovely maiden, good and bad witches and of course magic and to top it all off it is very well written.
I received this story as an ARC.

~ Mary; Amazon Reviewer

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